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How to make a perfect Ballet Bun

You need:

Strong ponytail bands

Hairpins (shaped like an elongated ‘U’)

Hair grips (bobby pins )

Hair net


Brush the hair well to remove tangles. Brush into a ponytail – as smooth and flat as possible - and secure with a strong hairband as many times as you can. Add an extra band if necessary.

This is the most important step for getting a neat and secure bun. If your hair is layered you will need to have the ponytail as high as possible to secure the shorter ends.

How to make a perfect Ballet Bun


Twist the ponytail around to make it to make a ‘rope’ and then twist the ‘rope’ around the hairband to form the bun. Don’t worry about any wispy
bits sticking out just yet.

How to make a perfect Ballet Bun How to make a perfect Ballet Bun


Secure the ponytail with hairpins – one at each 12o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock & 9 o’clock – to start with, adding extra for security and to catch stray ends.


Cover with a hair net (usually folded over twice) and add more hairpins where necessary. The thicker hairnets do last longer but can pull the bun out unless really secure. Thin hairnets are less conspicuous but more fragile.

How to make a perfect Ballet Bun


Tidy any stray ends, and fringes, with hairgrips and/or hairspray. Grips are often more secure
if you use 2 together and cross them over each other.


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